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Celebrate every day in style, with Neyadeep! Crafted in pristine porcelain Neyadeep complements your modern-day lifestyle and home décor ever so gracefully. Exquisitely crafted in pristine porcelain, each Neyadeep is adorned with traditional floral motifs of cultural significance like marigold (gende ka phool), champak (son chapha), hibiscus and crossandra (aboli). Adding to the grandeur of each diya, is a flawless and delicate hem of real gold that makes Neyadeep the centrepiece of every occasion.

There are many ways in which Neyadeep can add grandeur to your home. An offering of light to the family deity or as a table setting décor to enliven your dinner parties, it is befitting either way.

A unique wedding gift that will become an heirloom or an exclusive gift to show someone you are thinking of them, the elegantly styled, box of Neyadeep, complete with cotton wicks and a bottle of calmingly fragrant soot-free oil is a most wonderful gift.



Light can be incredibly ethereal and has the power to transform lives and spaces into something truly extraordinary. That is the beauty of the Deepaloka too! Taking its inspiration from the majestic Vishrambaug Wada, the Deepaloka’s celestial duo of gold and porcelain are like a match made in heaven; an elegant reminders of Pune’s historical tryst with royalty and splendor.

Contemporary, yet so rooted in culture, the Deepaloka complements the most pious corner of your home, just as regally as it adorns your living room with lucid grace. You can place the Deepaloka alongside your brassware, like a flower-laden urli (brass bowl, a touch of subtle luxury.

The Deepaloka is modular and the smaller version is perfect for everyday use! Be it an exclusive gift for friends and family or a corporate gift for esteemed partners, the thoughtfully-designed gift box, complete with cotton wicks and a bottle of fragrant soot-free oil will leave a lasting impression.

The Ganesha Arati Book

(Understanding Sukhakarta Dukhaharta)

Winner of CII Design Excellence Awards for Publication and Winner in overall category of Graphic Design.

Carry with you the spirit of Ganesha, wherever you go! An elegant gift for any occasion, The Ganesha Arati Book is a celebration of the universal spirit of the endearing elephant-headed Ganesha and the beatific Marathi hymn, Sukhakarta Dukhaharta!

The Ganesha Arati Book is an artistic ode to Ganesha and celebrates the spirit of Sukhakarta Dukhaharta. This is a book for the entire family to come together, delve into each verse and bond over mythical tales! Peppered with endearing legends the let you appreciate the meaning of the hymn, this book connects the splendour of music and language, with the legend of Mayureshwara, the Ganesha of Morgaon, in whose praise we sing Sukhakarta Dukhaharta.

With vibrant artwork, the hymn featured in Devnagri and English, The Ganesha Arati Book is a thoughtful gift your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime!